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heforshe: we don’t want men to dominate women’s voices.

*uploads video where a large group of men give their opinions on the oppression of women without a single woman involved in the discussion*

heforshe: we want people to see gender as a spectrum and not a binary

*no mention or acknowledgement of the existence of trans people*

heforshe: we want people to see gender as a spectrum and not a binary

*is called heforshe*



Okay no. I’m not okay with this. I’m an extremist when it comes to equality and human rights for the lgbtq community seeing as how I’m a part of it. But I do not ever in any circumstance condone saying or wearing “I hate straight people” across my chest. But I’m true to my statement on human rights, which means you can say whatever the fuck you want. But, seriously? There are millions of impressionable kids out there that are afraid to come out, they’re afraid people will hate them for their sexual orientation. They’re afraid of their parents reactions and in many cases, their parents abuse. SO HOW. Is it ever acceptable to say/wear this? Just because straight people are the majority of this society, does not ever make it okay to oppress them. The lgbtq community is constantly looked over, ignored, and abused. We know how it feels. We go through it every day. Stepping to a lower level and hating all heterosexuals won’t make it better. It only perpetuates the issue at hand, for both sides.



These days our city has faced her darkest time.

It is very hard. We only got umbrellas with our hands, a pair of laboratory goggles, and a raincoat. But our police, has pepper spray,tear gas and some more weapons towards us.

But we will not be afraid and we’re not gonna stop our step to go further.

The light of hope will never dim.

I am so proud to be a hongkonger.

God bless my city, god bless hong kong.



it’s called AAVE, you FUCKTRUCK

I hate how people here think that “proper general English” is the only way to speak English and all the others are considered “idiocy” like if language has anything to do with intelligence. I’m not even from the U.S. and I know this better than most of you.

Below is a list of all English dialects in North America:

American English - Standard American English is the general form


Canadian English:


Bermudian English

Native/American indigenous peoples

Native American/indigenous peoples of the Americas English dialects:

I drive Amish people around a few times a week. They speak Pennsylvania Dutch. Some of the youngest children don’t even speak or understand English until they are school age.

When they’re walking around in stores or cleaning someone’s house they often lapse into PA Dutch. NO ONE gives them shit about it. No one.

When they are in the car with me they also speak Dutch (sometimes for privacy, sometimes because they forget) and what do I do? I let them speak their fucking language! It’s isolating sometimes, but it’s their absolute right to do so. It’s not that fucking hard!

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Anonymous asked:

What does pussy usually taste like?


























Doing bad on a job interview and them still calling you back 😢

Talking to a supervisor and getting a full refund with a 50% discount on your next 5 purchases. 

When you ask a girl if you were good last night and she reply: “🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙊🙊💦💦💦”

When u been thirsty all day and u finally get a cold drink down ur throat

When a thirst follow, Follows you back


When you hear that song that used to be YOUR SHIT that you’ve been trying to find for the past 3 years

Like when you get 100 on your final 

Like when you were a baby who’d been crying so hard for so long because you were sooo hungry and you finally get a perfectly sized nipple in you mouth 😋

^ lick emoji doe? fammmmm you do know thats your mom right ?

There’s so much going on in this post like damn where do I start

Hahahaha Yes

When keeping it real goes terribly wrong 😕😭


What IS Black Face?



I’m sorry to say that as a white Dutch citizen, I also do not want ‘Zwarte Piet’ to leave. I know it is racist, and I know I’m being racist by wanting it to continue, but you can’t blame me for wanting to be able to raise my children as I was raised. In my opinion I’m not a racist person, I don’t make racist comments to people with a skin tone different to mine. I don’t like bullies, and I have had some experience in name calling based on something you can’t help (like having an English mother). Of course that’s not racism and it’s nothing compared to what Afro-American and Asian people get to endure but I like to think I understand at least a little. This is one of these things where I don’t understand what the big deal is about. I watched a lot ofDisney princess movies, but I’m not hunkering after men or dependent on them (except for my father who pays the bills of course). And in the same way I grew up with ‘Zwarte Piet’ and I am not degrading Afro-Americans. Because in the end were all the same on the inside, and that’s what matters.

I hope I have not offended anyone.

At the risk of talking over poc voices, may I offer my viewpoint as a white person who has had to learn and grow?

To say that we are all the same on the inside denies the fact that other people can be deeply hurt by something that doesn’t affect you at all. Knowing on an objective level that something is racist is not the same as understanding what it is to be wounded by a casual denial of your humanity, or understanding the weight those “little” dehumanizations add up to, especially when being dehumanized in some way is pretty much a daily experience.

The thing is, though, our understanding is not required. What is required is that we stop behaving as if we have the right to judge how much our actions hurt them. What is required is that we listen.

What your children would be denied is quite frankly inconsequential compared to what some other children are subjected to.

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"Ellen Reads Her Chinese Viewers’ Names"


Ellen mispronounces Chinese people’s names and she and her audience laugh at them cuz it’s racistly funny apparently



Ellen uses “American” interchangeably with “English”, as in, the language.

At 2:30: "This one, they didn’t even try to do American, this is just Chinese."

The comments are turned off on this video, but how was this even cleared to be aired?? Fuck you Ellen. This isn’t the first time you’ve been racist on your show.

This is why you weaboos/koreaboos/white ppl CANNOT give yourself a “japanese” or "korean" or "chinese" name for yourself (or any name from a language and culture that’s not your own). Whites take our names as jokes and we’re mocked for it in real life and in the media. 


We’re constantly othered, demeaned, and fetishized. Trash like you butcher our names and turn them into racist caricatures.

Our names are precious and beautiful and meaningful in ways you can’t begin to understand. Our names are carefully crafted together by our parents/family.

You trash don’t deserve to utter our names. Fuck you.

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